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Glk350 Oil Filter Wrench

The Glk350 oil filter Wrench is a key tool for removing filters from your vehicle, it is able to remove filters with an 74 mm wrench, making it an essential tool for any mechanic.

Mercedes Oil Filter Socket

This mercedes oil filter socket Wrench is designed to suit into the space above the oil pan and was made to loosen and remove the filter, the wrenches fit through the wok type tube that protects them from being replaced while making sure the wrenches don't get inside the metal tube. The wrenches also fit into a type- ii security hazard site-off-center from other parts of the Wrench set, this is a first-class tool for removing filters from later years cars and trucks. It is facile to operate and it in the united states, this tool also includes a kit for other cars and trucks. The price is fair and it is a sensational tool for shoppers who have a lot of oil in their car, this is a Glk350 oil filter wrench. It is a small, but powerful tool that can be used to change the oil and filters car, this tool also includes a built-in filter cleaner and make it facile to change out your filters without any manual labor. This tool is fabricated to work with a variety of oil filters types (including those for different volkswagens and audi's), so you can get the job done quickly and easily.